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Paul Price
  • Paul Price
  • Divisional Manager

Company Overview

Our mission at Taylor’s Hoists is to be the very best – offering the very best products and services. We believe we are the best in the business – eclipsing all others in the construction sector.

What Makes Taylor’s Hoists the hoist supplier and not just another hoist supplier?

Our level of commitment on every project stands out. Our staff do their very best for customers – no matter if you have one of the smallest machines or ten of the biggest; each customer is treated with the same level of dedication. We put ourselves in the client’s shoes and ask ourselves how we would want to be looked after, then deliver and exceed expectations.

Taylor’s offer more than ‘just’ hoist equipment and hire services. We provide access solutions, backed by the UK’s most respected independent scaffolding firm, Lyndon Scaffolding PLC, who own the Taylor’s brand outright and share our passion to be market leaders – not just in access solutions, but in setting the benchmark of quality and safety for all specialist contractors in the construction industry.

Our fleet is modern, green and extremely well maintained and sets the standards on sites in our capital and beyond.


At Taylor’s Hoists we have the best people with vast expertise in vertical height access, engineering solutions and design expertise.

And with no expense spared in health and safety and training, we are future-proofing our levels of skill, quality, professionalism and dedication, which is reflected in the accreditations we have achieved. We genuinely care; about our customers, our people, our equipment, our reputation, our industry... and YOUR hoists.